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Practice Policies


Patients and their relatives are respectfully requested not to ask for any details of adult patients at this surgery. All our staff are bound by a code of confidentiality, please do not embarrass them by requesting information they are unable to disclose.
All health professionals must follow their professional codes of practice and the law. Every effort is made to protect confidentiality. It also means that no identifiable information about a patient is passed to anyone or any agency without the express permission of that patient, except when this is essential for providing care or necessary to protect somebody’s health, safety or well-being.

Freedom of Information

The ICO has published a Model Publication Scheme that all public authorities are required to adopt from 1st January 2009.

Suggestions for Improvement

We are always happy to receive patients' comments as to how we can improve the service we offer. Suggestions may be discussed with your Doctor or put them in writing to the Practice Manager.

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